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Kove Wins $525 Million Judgment in Patent Infringement Case Against Amazon Web Services

Verdict spotlights the significance of safeguarding tech startups that develop groundbreaking intellectual property and reinforces Kove's enduring reputation for innovation.

CHICAGO, APRIL 11, 2024 — Kove, an innovator in high-performance computing solutions, has prevailed in a $525 million patent infringement verdict against tech behemoth Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). In its ruling, the jury found that AWS infringed all three patents at stake in the litigation. The three patents cover breakthrough technology that allow cloud storage to scale unlimitedly.

“Yesterday’s success highlights the importance of protecting intellectual property rights,” Kove founder and CEO John Overton said. “By doing so, we create an environment where innovation and creativity can flourish, benefiting not only our company but also our customers and the industry as a whole. We are committed to defending our innovations and leading through our pioneering technology.”

“We are committed to defending our innovations and leading through our pioneering technology.”

— John Overton, CEO, Kove

The lawsuit, originally filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in 2018, challenged AWS’s use of cloud data storage products built on Kove’s patented technology for scalable cloud systems. The complaint said that Amazon’s “ability to offer cloud services on this scope and scale was made possible through infringement of Kove’s patents, paving the way for AWS to become what is believed to be Amazon’s largest profit center.” The patents at issue are U.S. Patent Nos. 7,814,170; 7,103,640; and 7,233,978.

Kove:SDM™, Kove’s latest technology, a cutting-edge software-defined memory solution that enables individual servers to draw from a common memory pool – including amounts far larger than could be contained within a physical server – currently stands at the forefront of addressing the most complex computing challenges of the AI and machine learning era, while also reducing energy consumption. This substantial verdict against Amazon Web Services’ use of the foundational cloud computing technology created by Overton and Stephen Bailey underscores Kove’s role in shaping the future of technology, while also safeguarding the intellectual property rights of emerging innovation against industry giants.

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Founded in 2003, Kove has a long history of solving technology’s most vexing problems, from pioneering high-speed back-ups for large databases and setting sustained storage speed records, to inventing technology that allows cloud storage to scale unlimitedly. Most recently, after years of development, testing and validation, Kove launched the world’s first patented and mature software-defined memory solution – Kove:SDM™. Kove:SDM™ enables enterprises and their leaders to achieve more by maximizing the performance of their people and infrastructure. Kove’s team of passionate software engineers and technologists are committed to delivering the products and personalized service that enable every enterprise to reach their full potential. To learn more, visit kove.com.