Our Culture

Unlocking the potential of people and technology.

Just as Kove:SDM™ enables technology leaders and their organizations to do things they were never able to do before, Kove has never accepted the status quo. We were founded to help companies and individuals overcome technical limitations.

Selected Achievements

Our history of solving the seemingly unsolvable.

  1. 2003

    Company founded as Econnectix Corporation.

    Started fundamental scientific research in memory, evaluating theories and existing technologies at a foundational level.

  2. 2007

    Pioneered innovative solutions for customers of Claris (now part of Apple Corporation) creating high-speed back-ups every second of large databases. Our product developed a loyal client base across the globe, including many Fortune 500 customers.

  3. 2010

    Set new world record for sustained storage speed.

  4. 2010

    Developed world’s 1st one terabyte capacity memory disk.

  5. 2011

    Changed corporate name to Kove as the company set its focus on solving modern computing’s most vexing problem – the limitations of memory.

    Set four world records for storage: 1) lowest latency; 2) highest IOPS; 3) highest bandwidth; and 4) first 2 terabyte memory disk in a 4U chassis.

    Formed partnership with Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) of Argonne National Laboratory to speed up scientific discovery.

    Started an exclusive focus on developing a software-defined memory solution.

  6. 2012

    Set 5 microsecond storage latency world record.

  7. 2013

    Set new world record for sustained and deterministic storage latency.

  8. 2019

    Premiered the world’s first patented and mature software-defined memory solution (Kove:SDM™) after years of testing and validation.

  9. 2020

    Started delivering Kove:SDM™ to customers.

  10. 2021

    Formed partnership with SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services.

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