KOVE:SDM™ Benefits

Imagine what you can do with unlimited memory.

Deploy Kove:SDM™ in cloud, edge and on-premise environments to enhance AI/ML, high-performance computing, animation, and other high-demand applications.

Improve Overall Performance

Kove:SDM™ statistically provides local memory performance to CPUs even when memory resides across the datacenter. This enables high CPU utilization rates and even CPU saturation, when using remote memory. As a result of the unlimited dynamic memory sizing, any size computation can run completely in memory.

Maximize Hardware Utilization

Get the most out of your existing hardware. While memory and CPU costs are typically 65-85% of IT investment, most servers only achieve 20-40% utilization. But Kove:SDM™’s provisionable memory unlocks CPU potential, so your technology infrastructure – and software engineers – can reach their full potential.

Increase Return on Data Scientists

Enable data scientists to spend more time analyzing data rather than subdividing datasets to fit hardware constraints. With Kove:SDM™, data scientists can run whatever size datasets they want, sizing memory to data on-the-fly. As a result, data scientists iterate faster, improving time-to-solution.

Achieve Sustainability Goals

With increased utilization of each server, you require fewer servers, which reduces your energy needs. Imagine less cooling, a smaller footprint, and more processing power for your teams.

Reduce Your TCO

Decouple memory from individual servers to achieve superior results while needing fewer servers, reducing all associated operating costs, including power and personnel. Most customers achieve an ROI in the 50-80% range for their Kove:SDM™ investment – and it can be as high as 200%.

System Requirements

Off-the-shelf hardware.
Off-the-charts results.


Memory Pool

Working with any servers with at least one PCIe slot, you just need an RDMA compatible technology supporting byte-level DMA access.


Management Console

Command and control runs on popular virtualization platforms including Red Hat and VMware.


Host Systems

Any server with at least one open PCIe slot.



Kove:SDM™ is completely transparent to programs. The control plane runs over Ethernet and the data plane over InfiniBand.

System Integration

Easy to install.

Add memory targets to the memory pool in minutes. Kove:SDM™ is integrated with all things Red Hat: virtualization, containers, bare metal, storage – anything you need. Kove:SDM™ works with data centers, on the edge and more.

  1. 01

    Install Kove:SDM™ Software

    No code changes required.

  2. 02

    Add Memory Targets

    You can do it in minutes.

  3. 03

    Connect using InfiniBand

    Just plug it in.

  4. 04

    Provision memory for applications

    You can do it or just let the system do it.

Pricing Models

Two ways to liberate your teams.

We offer both licensing and subscription models with options to fit all budgets and needs. Contact us to determine what model and structure is right for your enterprise.

Does your company use InfiniBand?
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