1. Gain a snapshot of the competitive memory landscape.
  2. Discover the issues with symmetric multiprocessing and software.
  3. Review in-memory databases, caches, and other technologies.
  4. Understand the promise and challenges of employing CXL.
  5. Learn how Kove:SDM™ works – and why you should consider it.

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Maximizing performance beyond hardware limitations.

  1. Understand why memory is so important to – and currently a top limiter on – performance.
  2. Review the key benefits and drawbacks of the alternate memory technologies available today.
  3. Understand the transformative capabilities of software-defined memory, particularly Kove:SDM™.

System Integration

Off-the-shelf hardware. Off-the-charts results.

Kove:SDM™ is integrated with all things Red Hat: virtualization, containers, bare metal, storage – anything you need.

Kove:SDM™ is the world’s first fully mature, tested, and validated software-defined memory solution.

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