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Kove to Help Lenovo AI and Global Energy Customers Achieve More

Chicago, June 5, 2023 –  Kove® announced it will provide Kove® Software-Defined Memory (Kove:SDM) to Lenovo customers in the global energy and edge/AI sectors. The effort follows Lenovo’s validation research that demonstrated Kove:SDM™ significantly boosted the processing power of their hardware.

Kove:SDM is a breakthrough technology that enables individual servers to draw from a common memory pool – including memory amounts far larger than could be contained within a physical server – so each job receives exactly the memory it needs when it needs it.

Kove:SDM facilitates smarter artificial intelligence and machine learning, faster rendering and number crunching, more powerful analytics, and the ability to put data center performance where it was never thought possible. In addition, Kove:SDM can also help reduce energy consumption needs by up to 50%.

“With Kove:SDM™, enterprise leaders can finally maximize the performance of their infrastructure and people,” says Kove’s Manager of Business Development, Harry McHugh.

“With Kove:SDM™, enterprise leaders can finally maximize the performance of their infrastructure and people.”

— Harry McHugh, Manager of Business Development, Kove

About Kove
Founded in 2003, Kove has a long history of solving technology’s most vexing problems, from pioneering high-speed back-ups for large databases to setting sustained storage speed records. Most recently, after years of development, testing and validation, Kove launched the world’s first patented and mature software-defined memory solution – Kove:SDM. Kove:SDM enables enterprises and their leaders to achieve more by maximizing the performance of their people and infrastructure. Kove’s team of passionate software engineers and technologists are committed to delivering the products and personalized service that enable every enterprise to reach their full potential. To learn more, visit kove.com.