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  • What is Software-Defined Memory?

    Software-Defined Memory (SDM) is a subset of Software-Defined Technologies (SDT), which is the management of virtualized resources. With Kove Software-Defined Memory, the virtualized memory enables individual servers to draw from a common memory pool, receiving exactly the amount of memory needed, including amounts far larger than can be contained within a physical server.
  • What is Kove:SDM™?

    Kove:SDM™ decouples memory from servers, pooling memory into an aggregate, provisionable and distributable resource across the data center using unmodified Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware. Kove:SDM™ delivers a RAM Area Network (RAN) that provisions memory using policies. It provides a global, on-demand resource exactly where, when, and how it is needed.
  • When should we use Kove:SDM™?

    Use Kove:SDM™ anywhere you have a memory-intensive application, like analytics, databases, number crunching, VDI, visualization, genomics, Monte Carlo, artificial intelligence, machine learning, enhanced virtual machine infrastructure (increased density, improved performance), and more.
  • Is Kove:SDM™ secure?

    Kove:SDM™ provides strong security against attacks targeting memory penetration. All memory is zeroed out prior to use or re-use. Similar to “LUN Masking” – i.e., logical unit number masking – in storage, Kove:SDM™ provides secure Client Masking to secure customer isolation and support multi-tenancy.


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