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Breakthrough Software-Defined Memory Solution Kove:SDM to Make its MemCon Debut

Enterprise Software Solution Maximizes Performance of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and High Demand Applications on Existing Hardware While Reducing Energy Consumption

Chicago, March 13, 2024 — Kove®, an innovator in high-performance computing solutions, will showcase Kove:SDM™, the first-of-its-kind software-defined memory solution, to attendees and tech industry leaders as keynote at MemCon 2024, March 26 – 27 at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, CA. Given the explosive growth of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other high performance computing needs, enterprises are struggling to keep up with the demands for memory.

Kove:SDM™ represents a breakthrough technology that empowers individual servers to draw from a common memory pool – including amounts far larger than could be contained within a physical server – so each job receives exactly the memory it needs when it needs it. Because Kove:SDM™ works seamlessly with customers’ existing hardware, it marks the end of traditional memory limitations and the dawn of a new era of software-defined capabilities.

“Whether it’s AI-intensive workloads, such as model training with enormous data-sets, in-memory databases or containers, with Kove:SDM™, there is no more worrying about how to get over the memory wall,” said, John Overton, founder and CEO of Kove. “Enterprises can now do what they could not have done before – including finally maximizing the performance of their people and infrastructure.”

“Enterprises can now do what they could not have done before – including finally maximizing the performance of their people and infrastructure.”

— John Overton, CEO, Kove

As they will hear at MemCon, technologists no longer have to patiently wait for CXL to arrive. Kove:SDM™ is proven, in use — and available right now — offering companies 125x faster processing than swap, 100x more containers, and 25-54% less energy consumption. It is being put to work in numerous high stakes use cases, some of which Kove will be showcasing during its MemCom keynote alongside partners from Red Hat and Swift, the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services.

About Kove’s Keynote at MemCon
As part of our keynote, Red Hat will share empirical test results that highlight how Kove:SDM™ helps business-critical applications gain performance while saving time and energy, and reducing costs and complexity. Swift will explain how Kove:SDM™ is helping them prevent economic crime for their global customers, and showcase how the pooled memory solution works on standard, existing infrastructure with no code changes.

MemCon attendees will learn why their memory limitations are a thing of the past thanks to the wide range of computing needs that Kove:SDM™ addresses, including:

  • Enabling CPUs to process 125x faster without needing swap
  • Increasing the number of containers running on a cluster by 100x
  • Delivering power savings up to 54%
  • Providing superior, near-local CPU performance from remote memory
  • Right-sizing memory for optimal CPU utilization by pooling and provisioning memory
  • Scaling up your memory for improved utilization, simplicity, efficiency, and performance, no matter how large your data size or computational need

About Kove Founded in 2003, Kove has a long history of solving technology’s most vexing problems, from pioneering high-speed back-ups for large databases and setting sustained storage speed records, to inventing technology that allows cloud storage to scale unlimitedly. Most recently, after years of development, testing and validation, Kove launched the world’s first patented and mature software-defined memory solution – Kove:SDM™. Kove:SDM™ enables enterprises and their leaders to achieve more by maximizing the performance of their people and infrastructure. Kove’s team of passionate software engineers and technologists are committed to delivering the products and personalized service that enable every enterprise to reach their full potential. To learn more, visit kove.com.